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The Workation Hotel of the Neighborhood

YANH is an acronym for Your Average Neighborhood Hotel and the word itself means 'Neighborhood' in the Thai language.

This one word encapsulates our vision. Capturing the historical ambiance of the neighborhood, this hotel is a place where travelers meet the locals and where the old world meets new technologies. Both work and play are welcomed in the lively town of Ratchawat. We created an ideal environment for work-life balance where guests can focus on their projects while being able to instantly pop out to explore the local culture.


ARKARN RATCHAWAT (Ratchawat Building) was what the metal letters once decorated on the top of this historic building read.

In the dawn of the 80s, the place started out as one of the first computer companies in Thailand. Changes have since been made to this iconic modern white–square–tiles office building. Yellow Pages and PacLink are among the many businesses that have operated here. A wonderful coincidence that communication services that once defined the generation have found themselves home here.

One of the many original properties of SC Asset Group, today YANH RATCHAWAT has taken the passed baton. Communication is still prized here as the most important aspect of work and life. Connect with your partners, convey your ideas, and be immersed in the local culture, history, and eateries. ARKARN RATCHAWAT has a new life, yet continues to be a part of the original community as it has always been.

Hotel Design & Development

Bangkok in the 80s was full of newly hatched tech companies and youth culture. Carefully preserved is the white tiles mosaic-style building facade. The 1*1 square tiles are a reminiscence of its pioneering computer businesses and PacLink days. Inspired by local architectures, geometric–shaped wrought iron bars were introduced. YANH Ratchawat is now a statement of the local culture and history, one that pleasantly embraces the present and the future of the digital lifestyle.


Let the local essence of YANH merge work and vacation into one. Work efficiently and get inspired by new experiences. Feel the utmost relaxation and relieve all your stress.


Work smart, work hard.

Work in a different pace of life and a different place to get something done. A personalized space for you to get productive. A carefully designed environment for any of your assignments.


Play with brilliant ideas.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating surroundings of Yanh. Find yourself deep in joy as you get lost in the unique neighborhood, community, food, and culture.


Unplug and relieve stress.

Don't let work become an obstacle to a fulfilling and meaningful life. Just like how every workout needs a cooldown, your focus and mind need a break. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and reward yourself for the work you’ve achieved.

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